Akani Finance South AfricaVision

We aim to be the leading provider of Retirement Fund administration, delivering service of the highest quality and adding tangible value to our clients.

OUR ROOTS - Akani Retirement Fund Administrators Pty Ltd (Akani) was founded in 2001 as an empowerment initiative to take advantage of the changes brought about by the democratisation of South Africa and the globalisation of its economy. Akani fully subscribes to the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) vision as contemplated in the BEE commission report and charter. We embrace the spirit of Ubuntu.


Commitment to qualitative services achieved by:

  • Excellent Leadership
  • Effective management of people and processes
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art systems
  • Respect our clients and stakeholders and act with integrity and accountability
  • To be innovative in our products and services

BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY - Our Business Philosophy is to "Create Wealth for the Nation". We believe that in providing a qualitative and reliable administration and financial service to our clients, we ensure that people not only sustain their income but create wealth for themselves. Underlying our philosophy is a strong commitment to "best service", and to respect for our clients. This fuels our drive for the development of pride, dignity and purpose.

Business Overview

Akani provides retirement fund administration solutions in areas of Benefit Administration; Trust Administration; Housing loan Administration; Legal, Compliance and Secretarial; Marketing, Communication and Tracing; Financial Management and Control; Property Administration; Investment Performance Monitoring and Reporting. The primary objective of Akani is to provide an all-inclusive package of administration services required by a retirement fund(one stop shop) and cut out unnecessary middlemen in the process. Clients' satisfaction from start to finish is how we measure our success. Savings costs and adding value to our clients' bottom line is one of the key pillars underlying our business model.