Retirement funds that are correctly invested could boost economic growth and deliver returns, but it is how the money is managed that will matter, writes Maya Fisher-French

· CityPress - 14 Jun 2020 - Edited by Maya Fisher-French

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Akani Retirement Fund Administrators Win Best Exhibition Stand Award

Akani Retirement Fund Administrators (Pty) Ltd (Akani) was rewarded for their hard work by winning the Best Exhibition Stand Award at the Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) Conference held in August 2016 at the Durban Convention Centre.

Says Mr Jack Malebane, Marketing Director at Akani, "What makes this award even more special is that the winners are chosen by the delegates - in this case about 1600 delegates (mostly trustees of retirement funds in Africa) at the Conference. This shows that we are recognized by the industry as creating a spirit of Ubuntu."

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IRF: Statement by Institute of Retirement Funds, South Africa's retirement industry awakens from its slumber (26/08/2013)

The Institute of Retirement Funds (IRF) Conference wrapped up with a bang on Tuesday, beating enough drums to awaken many of the industry's protagonists from their slumber.

While the focus of the conference was entitled "Good Governance and Reforms - The Way To Go", the direction of the content frequently redirected its focus upon the benefactors of that governance - the average member.

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PERSONAL FINANCE NEWS: 30% earnings on retirement for average pension fund member

Amid an industry in flux, with massive changes to financial regulation in the form of the Twin Peaks model planned for implementation, as well as changes to the Pension Funds and Income Tax Acts, retirement funds appear to be failing their members. This is according to Wayne Hiller van Rensburg, of the Institute of Retirement Funds (IRF) Africa. Hiller van Rensburg’s comments are in reaction to media reports that the average pension fund member is likely to obtain a pension of just 30% of their current income.

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Todays Trustee

Sweeping change sought at the Institute of Retirement Funds. Goal is to make it the pension-fund industry’s representative voice, and to be proactive with the authorities.

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AKANI RFA one of the biggest 100% black owned retirement fund administrators with no backing of monopoly capital in South Africa welcomes the Financial Services Board (FSB) pronouncements on its four year investigation on allegations of maladministration of the Municipal Councilors Pension Fund (MCPF) which clears it of maladministration.

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Ruling by the Press Ombudsman

This ruling is based on the written submissions of the attorneys of Mr Zamani Letjane of the Akani Retirement Fund Administrators, and...

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