At Akani Retirement Fund (Akani) we appeal to our staff members and stakeholders to report potentially unethical and fraudulent behaviour they come across within the company.

Unethical and fraudulent behaviour is a criminal act and we at Akani take it extremely seriously. That’s why we have introduced the Akani Ethics & Fraud Hotline, which is 0860 842 842.

If you don’t like dialling our hotline number, you’d be glad to know that it’s supported by an SMS and WhatsApp lines, a webpage, an email address and free mail postage as explained below.

You can now log into, register as a user and create a username and password of your choice, and report unethical and fraudulent activities you witness at Akani online right away.

You can also make use of the WhatsApp 0860 004 004 or SMS 48691 numbers. Moreover, you can send an email to or send a letter for FREE to BNT165, Brooklyn Square, Pretoria, 0075.

If you suspect that unethical practices or fraud is happening at Akani, please feel free to blow the whistle by utilising any of the tools mentioned above.

Not reporting such despicable goings-on could cost the company millions of rands and compromise its reputation with its clients and the public and dent its earnings in the marketplace.

Please rest assured that the information you volunteer will remain strictly confidential and your caller identity anonymous. Keep your eyes wide open and continue making an honest living daily. Advance Call Ethics & Fraud Hotline from Advance Call on Vimeo.


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